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Friends and family were somewhat dubious when I said I’d keep up a blog during my travels but almost a month in and I’m proud to present my first post (better late than never!). So after a gruelling 14 hour flight (by the end I’d fallen into a deep sleep and was only jolted awake again by the plane landing which for one moment my sleepy confused mind translated as the plane is crashing…) we finally arrived in Singapore.

Our first stop was the Marina Bay Sands Hotel which is perhaps best known for the infinity pool stretching across its 3 towers. The views from up top were certainly impressive as was the beer I had which I’ve never seen before or since (Hoegaarden Rose).

Disaster then struck as we discovered Barclays had blocked Tom’s card (it never seems to cross their mind that their customers might take a trip abroad). However this was a blessing in disguise as while Tom was on the phone to the bank, I overheard another customer discussing how great the laser shows she’d been to last night. Intrigued, I then spoke to concierge who told me there were 2 shows, one along the waterfront outside the hotel and the other in the Sky Park. Here are some of the pictures I took:

Looking back this was definitely the highlight of Singapore for me so if you ever do go then make sure you make room for at least one of the shows.

Having seen how pretty they were at night, the next morning Tom and I went off to explore more of the Sky Park and see the Sky Trees up close. We were able to get some good pictures which weren’t filled up with other tourists as it was surprisingly quiet but I suspect this was due to how humid it was and the fact there was little shade to retreat to. Its also usually at this point when describing other city breaks that I’d say it was a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of the city streets, but not so with Singapore. The streets and overall infrastructure here seemed to have been designed so that everything flows smoothly and you’re not constantly navigating your way through human traffic, especially in the tourist hotspots.

Four days in, it was time for us to leave Singapore and move on to (as I was to discover) more chaotic Malaysia, the first night of which we spent in Melaka which has been designated a UNESCO world heritage site. Tom and I had a nice time whiling away the hours walking along the canal, which is a convenient way of seeing the town’s architecture and its Dutch overtones as it pretty much winds through the central part of town. We did unfortunately miss out on the night market as it only happens on weekends and is supposed to be one of Melaka’s main highlights. So my main tips for Melaka would be to definitely stay there on a weekend and also to definitely fork out for somewhere central. Melaka doesn’t really buy into the idea of pavements or road crossings which can then be a challenge when there’s a constant stream of traffic.

One fact to end on about Melaka and also one for foodies is that apparently it is the birthplace for satay chicken and therefore the best and indeed the satay chicken I had definitely lived up to the grand claims.

Up next Kuala Lumpur!

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