Hiroshima & Osaka

After Kyoto, Tom and I were feeling all templed out so we decided to visit Hiroshima to learn more about one of the darkest footnotes to Japan’s past. For most people, Hiroshima is almost synonymous with the first atomic bomb dropped on Japan during WW2. Before we entered the museum we went and looked around […]


People who know me well will know that my all time favourite film is Lost in Translation and ever since I saw Charlotte wandering contemplatively through the beautiful temples and gardens of Kyoto, I knew this was somewhere I would have to journey to someday. There are approximately 1600 temples and 400 shrines in Kyoto […]

Takayama & Nagano

No sooner had Tom and I arrived in the thriving city of Tokyo, the shinkansen whisked us away the next morning into the beautiful Japanese countryside and to one of its most charming towns, Takayama, which has still retained much of its traditional beginnings, including 3 main streets where the architecture has been painstakingly preserved […]


Traditionally Vietnam has been one of the first pit stops for travellers on a shoestring budget galavanting round Asia and once you’ve been there its easy to see why. The food is fresh, rich in flavour and costs barely anything. There are an abundance of tour operators wanting your business which naturally keeps prices competitive […]

Kuala Lumpur, Georgetown & Langkawi

Chaotic would be the one word I’d use to describe our arrival in Kuala Lumpur which incidentally also seemed to set the tone for the rest of our stay in Malaysia. KL’s rail network is run by several different companies which is all well and good but there were no clear indicators which ticket office […]

Singapore & Melaka

Friends and family were somewhat dubious when I said I’d keep up a blog during my travels but almost a month in and I’m proud to present my first post (better late than never!). So after a gruelling 14 hour flight (by the end I’d fallen into a deep sleep and was only jolted awake […]